Russia has the third highest teen suicide rate in the world, according to the article written in 2012. It states that the average number of teens committing suicide is about 5 individuals a day who are under 20. Alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and strict parenting are some reasons why the rate is so high in Russia. There’s even lack of help in this area since it’s so isolated. Bullying even plays a role since there’s so much of it everywhere. When I read this article, I got the sense that parents are extremely hard on their children, especially when it said “At home, you order, you enforce, you punish your kids instead of trying to understand them,” said Anatoly Severny, one of Russia’s very few child psychiatrists. “Schools use what I call repressive pedagogics. Kids are forced to do everything.” There’s a story at the end of the article that shares the story of two friends who decided to take their own lives. The girls didn’t show any signs of depression, they were only skipping class right before the incident occurred. Apparently mental health services tried to be introduced in the schools, but the attempt seemed to be not very effective.