The third leading cause of death in teens is indeed suicide unfortunately. 45% were used by firearm, 40% from suffocation, and 8% for poisoning. It seems to be that teenagers have no trouble getting guns, but let’s not get sidetracked. That’s another issue. Apparently a “passing out” game is pretty popular among the youth. Different methods (hyperventilating, using a rope, etc) are used to restrict the amount of oxygen they receive. They end up suffocating. They feel a high right before they pass out. There was a survey taken by high schoolers by the CDC. 16% seriously considered suicide, 13% stated that they had a plan, and 8% of the students reported that they tried to end their life. Must of us know of someone who has tried to commit suicide. It’s a serious thing. If you are considering suicide or know of another person that has been talking/thinking about, get help ASAP.